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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


Total Recall Software V2.50

(For use only in Total Recall recorders, not in PC.)
Release Date:  May 27, 2003  

NOTE: Software on this page is ONLY for use in TR series of Total Recall recorders (serial numbers lower than 7075).
NOT attempt to use in newer TRL, & TRR & TR-MAX series recorders.   Remote Recall software V1.30 used with PC to control the recorder and play the archive CD in the PC does not work with Win-7 and above. Use Remote Manager software to play the older archive CD's.  

(Click here to see previous release notes and upgrade
procedures if your Total Recall (TR-XX) recorder has V1.31 or earlier)

We are pleased to announce the Release of Total Recall Software V2.50 (Build 2). Software Version V2.11 (Build 2) was the last formal release by Omnicron Electronics. All shipments of Total Recall since May 27, 2003 have been shipped with Software V2.50 (Build 2).
Omnicron - Total Recall software download

Features Introduced with Version 2.50, May 27, 2003

bulletAn Administrator Password has been added to complement the current User Password. Only the Administrator has access to the Options Menu and only the Administrator has the ability to Manually Archive and delete calls. All other functionality (including Manual Archive and retain calls on the hard drive) are available with the User Password.
bulletPressing the Stop key (Playback Control Keys) while not playing a call now immediately locks the User Interface (the padlock icon on the LCD closes) when in the Options, Logging & Search Menus. 
bulletIntroduction of an Additional language (Brazilian Portuguese) and improvements to the Italian Language translations.
bulletSupport for recent hardware updates to Total Recall recorders that include:  faster processors, improved LCD display with bright CCFL backlight, new mid PC board with improved audio and volume control, red LED flashes to indicate hard disk drive activity (requires new mid board and display).
bulletThe User Manual has been updated to reflect these changes.

Contact your Omnicron representative to order a CD
that will update your Total Recall Recorder to V2.50.

Or, If your PC has a CD recorder, follow this link for
instructions on how to create your own upgrade CD:
Create TOTAL RECALL V2.50 upgrade CD

V2.50 Owners Manual 



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