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Total Recall Software V4.59
 For use only in Total Recall # TRL & TRR. Do not use in TR.

           RELEASE NOTES

         Release Date:  July 1, 2007    (pdf format)   

NOTE: This is not the latest version of Total Recall Software.
              For the most recent software, click here.

We are pleased to announce the Release of Total Recall Software V4.59. Software Version V4.56 was the last release. Remote Manager Software has also been updated to V1.59. Remote Manager Software Version V1.56 was the last release. The User Manual has also been updated to V4.59.

You MUST upgrade BOTH the recorder and Remote Manager (PC client software) at the same time. Only Remote Manager Software V1.59 will work with Total Recall recorders running software V4.59.
Important Note
: This software will only operate on Total Recall LAN capable units.  Do not install on OS2 units.  LAN capable units have color displays like a notebook PC. 

NOTE:  Software V1.59 cannot be used with Win-8 and above PC operating systems. 
            Use Remote Manager software V8.5.0 and above to play recordings on CD from
            older recorders on your Win-7 & 8 PC.

Features Introduced (V4.56 and V4.59)

bullet Support for Record on Demand (ROD) Software that can be used to permit non-administrative
users to only have access to a single recording channel via LAN/WAN connection.
bullet Administrators can now limit which channels users of Remote Manager Software via
LAN/WAN or dial-up can access.
bullet Improved installation of Total Recall with Remote Manager Software running behind a Firewall.
bullet Introduction of French (V4.59), Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic language options. 
bullet The ability to add more than 10 Total Recall recorders to the Remote Manager monitoring screen. 
bullet Update to Linux software that will automatically adjust for new Daylight Savings Time changes when the Total Recall recorder is set to a Time Zone for a city in the USA (updated with V4.59).  

     Contact your Total Recall representative if you would like to update your TRL or TRR series of Total Recall recorders to V4.59, or if you would like to add Record On Demand software features to computers connected to TRL and TRR series of Total Recall recorders via LAN.

                              Total Recall Manual V4.59    on the web
                              Total Recall Manual V4.59    PDF 

Instructions for Loading New Software (V4.59) to Total Recall

Software Upgrade Procedure:

1.       Boot up Total Recall so that it is running normally.

         2.       Load the V4.59 Upgrade CD into the Total Recall CD/DVD drive.

         3.       Login using the Administrator Password.

         4.       Press MENU key and go to the OPTIONS MENU.

         5.       Select MAINTENANCE.
                               SYSTEM INFORMATION
                               UPGRADE NOW

                               INSERT CD <OK>
                               Upgrade FROM V4.XX TO V4.59 <OK>

        6.       Wait for shutdown message.
                               Power OFF
                               Wait 10 seconds
                               Power On
       7.     Upgrade Successful <OK>
       8.     Eject CD and operate the Total Recall recorder normally.

Note: See Total Recall User Manual V4.59 for instructions on installing and using Remote Manager software and optional Record on Demand software.

 Distributed in the U.S.A. by:

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Phone 860-928-0377
l FAX 860-928-6477 l



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